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Alloyed galvanized steel sheet

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This kind of product is also made using hot dip method, but after it is out of the tank, it will be immediately heated to about 500 ℃ to form a thin films of zinc and iron. This galvanized sheet has good coating tightness and weldability.

Galvanized production line using the most advanced United States steel production process, the main specifications of the product is 0.15-1.5mm*800~1250mm. The production line is equipped with the radiation of continuous annealing furnace; heating tube type horizontal jet frequency induction heating ceramic zinc pot; four cavity air knife; light machine; straightening machine and other advanced equipment, We have pioneered with the patented technology: waste heat utilization device, which will save lots of energy and protect the environment.

The zinc and iron alloy layer is formed in the whole coating by heat treatment of the steel strip passing the galvanizing bath liquid. The coating looks dark gray without metallic luster. It is easy to powder during the violent molding process. It is applicable to the coating that may be painted without further treatment except general cleaning. 

Alloyed galvanized steel sheet

The grade of structural alloy steel is represented by Arabic numerals and standard chemical element symbols. Two Arabic numerals are used to represent the mean carbon content (x/10000) and place at the head of grade. The
content of alloying elements is represented as follows: When the average content is less than 1.50%, the grade number only indicates the element and generally does not indicate the content; When the average content is 1.50%~2.49%, 2.50%~3.49%, 3.50%~4.49%, 4.50%~5.49%, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are written following the alloying elements. For example: The average content of carbon, chromium, manganese and silicon of structural alloy steel is 0.30%, 0.95%, 0.85% and 1.05%. When S and P content is ≤0.035%, the grade indicates "30CrMnSi". High-grade quality structural alloy steel (S and P content ≤0.025%) is indicated by adding "A" to the grade. For example: "30CrMnSiA". Super-grade quality structural alloy steel (S≤0.015%, P≤0.025%) is indicated by adding "E" to the grade. For example: "30CrM nSiE". The grade of special structural alloy steel shall add the symbol indicating product purpose in Table 1 to the grade head (or tail). For example, the grade of 30CrMnSi steel for riveting screw is indicated as ML30CrMnSi. 2. The representing method of alloy spring steel grade is the same with structural alloy steel. For example: The average content of carbon, silicon and manganese is 0.60%, 1.75% and 0.75% of spring steel and the grade is represented as "60Si2Mn". For high-grade quality spring steel, symbol "A" is added to the grade and the grade is represented as "60Si2MnA".

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