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Various coatings of Color coated sheet

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Application: It is mainly used for steel structure workshop, airport, warehouse and refrigeration, etc

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1. Light weight
Due to the light weight of color steel plate, it can offer convenient transportation and easy installation, which will save construction period.

2. Environmental protection and saving money
The activity room made of color steel plate can be reused, it can offer both environmental protection and money saving, and there is also no pollution and no noise

3. High strength
Due to the steel structure, the products have strong bearing capacity, compression and bending resistance.

4. The surface is smooth and easy to clean, with long anticorrosion period, suitable for reuse.


5. Color-coated steel plate has strong pollution resistance. Ketchup, lipstick, coffee drinks and cooking oil are applied to the polyester coating surface. After placing 24 h, clean and dry with washing liquid, resulting in no change in its surface luster and color. The structure layer of color-coated steel plate from inside to outside is cold-rolled plate, galvanized layer, chemical conversion layer, primary coating (primer) and fine coating (front and back paint). This kind of plate can be used for shearing, bending, drilling, riveting and crimping with novel color, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance and decoration and processing properties. Color-coated steel plate is mainly used as the weatherboarding of building external wall. The thermal insulation layer should be done if it is used for wall. 

Coating color According to company standard or customer requirement
Thickness 0.12-2.0MM       
Width 750-1200MM  
Weight 3-9TONS       
Zinc coating 20-275G/M2
Packaging Export packing standard
Substrate type Galvanized/Galvalume
Payment T/T
Remark Accept customized products
Back paint color White grey, sea blue, scarlet, etc

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