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Galvanized Sheets

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Application: Used non-pressurized containers and storage tanks.

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The open slab is a steel strip with a certain thickness when it leaves the factory, and a steel plate with a certain thickness and width rolled according to user requirements. The original flat plate is rolled to the size required by the national standard when it leaves the factory. Generally, the original plate has strict dimensions, better performance and higher price. Opening a tablet is relatively cheap.
The thickness of the flat panel is 1.5-20mm, and the material is Q235 and Q345. After uncoiling, leveling, sizing, and shearing, it becomes a flat plate with the required length and width. It is suitable for processing cold-rolled plates, galvanized plates, color coated plates, and stainless steel plates.

The advantages are as follows
1. The price is cheap and the length can be freely decided;
2. Convenient for transportation, regardless of the size of the steel plate; It is also very convenient to load and unload containers, and it is also very safe during transportation. Compared with galvanized coils, it has great convenience and safety during transportation
3. The cutting is convenient, and the material can be cut according to the actual needs of the steel plate size;
4. Effectively save materials. For example, a storage tank requires 20 steel plates of 6800×1500×6. The market steel plates are generally 6000, 8000, and 9000 lengths. If market steel plates are used, there will be small surpluses. With the open plate, 6900 steel plate can be directly used, which saves material, which is also the biggest advantage. Especially for stainless steel materials, the effect of saving materials and reducing costs is very obvious.

Material: SGCC,S350GD+Z,S550GD+Z,DX51D,DX52D,DX53D
Thickness: 0.12-6.0MM      
Width: 750-1500MM
Zinc coating: 40-275G/M2 
Spangles: No Spangle/Spangles
Technique: Hot rolled/Cold rolled 
Packaging: Export packing standard
Surface treatment: oiled, passivity or chromium-free passivity, passivation+oiled, chromium-free passivation+oiled, resistant to fingerprints or chromium-free resistant to fingerprints.

Galvanized Sheets
Galvanized Sheets1

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