Galvanized plate is one of our company’s major products, our company is able to produce the high-quality goods with excellent technical production process, and we have developed many consumer relationships. Next we are going to provide the detailed introduction of the shapes of galvanized plate specification.

The surface of galvanized steel obtain strong corrosion resistance, good process performance, and it is conducive for production and processing. However, the drawing property of galvanized steel sheet is not as good as that of cold-rolled steel sheet, and the zinc layer is very easy to be destroyed during electric welding. Hot and cold galvanized steel sheet in daily life is suitable for manufacturing industries such as agricultural vehicles machinery and equipment, grain storage and corrugated guardrail board system, its salient feature is the low cost, and also higher value added. Because the processing of cold rolled steel plate does not carry out heating, so we will not find the black spot and iron oxide that often appear in hot binding, it generate good process performance, high smooth, and the specification of cold lashing goods with high precision, cold galvanizing is electric galvanizing with only 10-50g/m2, The corrosion resistance of zinc plating differs a lot from that of hot dip galvanizing. The price of electric galvanizing for building reinforcement is also relatively lower. Hot dip galvanizing is galvanizing the surface of a steel body under hot dip conditions, its adhesion is very strong, and it is not easy to fall off. Although the hot dip galvanized pipe also appears the phenomenon of corrosion, it can meet the technical, sanitary requirements in longer period.

Commodity characteristics and mechanisms need to take into account some unique application requirements, such as electromagnetic induction characteristics, low alloy plate characteristics. Galvanized steel is often used as an economically and reasonable way of anti-rust treatment. About half of the world’s zinc production are used in this process.

Post time: Aug-05-2020